In light of recent changes worldwide post-pandemic, there is a need to re-think how we can safely hold fundraisers now and in the future.
Several congregation members met to discuss and explore options.  None of us want to see the Swedish Supper fade away but we also can see that “the way we've always done it” is not sustainable.  This is a difficult decision and we want to be thoughtful and thorough in our discussions.  Many parts go into this decision, and open discussions are needed.  Please respectfully voice your opinion and thoughts to council members and committee members.
Our Swedish Supper is a wonderful tradition that has always been an event filled with good food, entertainment and fellowship.  While it is heartbreaking to think of it no longer existing, maybe it is time.  

  • Aging work force – less people each year are available to help during the day and a great deal of hard work and long hours are required of many people.
  • Safety of food prepared off-site and brought in.  This has been a concern for some time.
  • Safety of mass-preparing food on site.  It is difficult to maintain sanitary processes and procedures when so many people are involved.
  • Buffet-style serving – not feasible to have all of the guests serve themselves both from a contact standpoint and coughing/sneezing in food area.  
  • Crowds of people in the church both waiting their turn and eating.  Not possible to maintain social distancing.  
  • Maintaining our heritage and tradition
  • Fellowship among our congregation and with our visitors
  • Funding for community and church projects.